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I have designed several websites so far. Unfortunately, all of them became victim of those unproductive people who envy the productive ones on the other side. It seems that the Turkish Internet world will remain as a follower rather than a developer. I have tons of reasons leading me to this point of view which doesn't fit in here. Finally, frustrated to the stupidity of Google, I developed this site. While searching, even though most of you do this through Google, you will see the results on the page, which means you don't have to log in to the site at all!

What I expect from the users of the site is to thank me, if they find it useful. I don't have any monetary concern. I didn't place an adsense as you can see. I developed the site just for the sake voluntary help, kind of charity work.

Meanwhile, I didn't forget web masters. I prepared a distance calculation code which they easily place on to their sites. Should you have any questions or wish to make a proposal, please do not hesitate. You can reach me through contact details.

Distance Calculator:

Place this code to your website :
<iframe src="http://www.distancecanada.com/webmasters.php?background-color=000000&color=fff&font-size=12px&sonuc-color=f00&sonuc-font-size=14px" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="170" width="150"></iframe>

To customize:

  1. Background color : background-color=000000
  2. Font color: color=ffffff
  3. Font size : font-size=12px
  4. Result color : sonuc-color=f00000
  5. Result Font Size: sonuc-font-size=14px
Using these codes you can customize the distance calculator for your website.


91 Miles / 146 Km
1 hour 55 mins

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Driving direction between Gravenhurst, Ontario and Richmond Hill, Ontario

According to Google Maps data distance between Gravenhurst, Ontario and Richmond Hill, Ontario 91 Miles / 146 Km this take 1 hour 55 mins You view road map and best route between Gravenhurst, Ontario and Richmond Hill, Ontario. The route which you can take, the distance and estimated time is placed on the right depending on the status of the road.

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Having been combined at the end of long and great efforts,this information is gathered from firms which Google gains mapping data.Time estimation is calculated by GPS data providers according to the situation of the roads.
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